Rock Out To Knock Out RSD, Inc. is a non-profit organization devoted to strengthening the RSD/CRPS community through awareness, individualized support, and much needed research.


We are very honored that we were able to donate to The Coalition Against Pediatric Pain to help with the Center for Courageous Kids Summer Camp. TCAPP raised funds to start the first ever camp for children that suffer with chronic pain. Our sponsorship paid the airfare for a wonderful family to get to the camp without having to worry about the cost. We also donated Rock Out To Knock Out Teddy Bears to each camper to help them know they are never alone. We are hoping to be able to help with this wonderful camp each year. Thank you TCAPP for making a dream come true and for helping children that suffer so much each and every day feel "normal" at camp. To see the video of the 2015 camp and learn how to donate to the 2016 camp, please click here.


We would like to say a sincere thank you to Marcus and Christina for their very generous donation to ROTKORSD. They both biked across the United States while selflessly raising much needed awareness for RSD/CRPS, as well as funds for ROTKORSD to help those in need. To see what they are all about, where they have gone, the other charities they have helped, or to even say thank you for all they have done, please visit

"Imagine a day, an hour or even a minute without pain; that is what we are fighting so hard for"