The Coalition Against Pediatric Pain Camp:

Below is the video of the first ever camp for kids with chronic pain in 2015. TCAPP will be having another camp in 2016 and needs our help to make this happen again. TCAPP's portion to hold the camp is $15,000. Aside from the initial cost of the camp, TCAPP also helps families who would not be able to afford the travel expenses due to costly medical bills. If you are interested in supporting this wonderful cause and helping dreams come true please visit TCAPP's designated CCK donation page HERE ; or contact the wonderful Sue Pinkham at

This was the first ever Camp for Kids with Chronic Pain. CCK was amazing and everyone had a blast. We are planning on doing it again this year. As always, we need help paying for our portion of CCK which is $15,000. We also need to help families travel to the camp as most families don't have the means to pay for camp due to so many out of pocket medical expenses. If you are interested in helping out with this endeavor, please contact Sue Pinkham at

Posted by The Coalition Against Pediatric Pain on Monday, November 23, 2015