What is a comfort Basket?

The Comfort Basket is meant to do just that, bring comfort. We understand all of the hardships that RSD/CRPSers go through on a daily basis. It can become difficult to purchase much needed items like a heating pad, heated blanket, soft socks, etc. The Comfort Basket has a value of up to $200 and is given away approximately every 6 months. Two baskets will be given away, one for those 18 and under and those 19 and above. We shop for items that will help the winners smile. Every comfort basket is personalized for each of the winners. We customize each basket to the winner's needs and also add a few surprises hoping to brighten their day. Please watch our website and Facebook Page advertising our next Comfort Basket Giveaway!!

Previous Winners!

Christine S | Natalia C | Jeff "Skeeter" | Hartzog | Liz Bocchetti | Melanie Dickens | Christy Spence | Alden Dennis | Gina Raring-Guerre

Base was so surprised. This is just some of the reasons we do what we do.


"Thank you guys so very much for the wonderful comfort basket I received it today on my my birthday it that made it even more special to me it made me smile and also even tear up some I can't thank you enough thank you for all you do and more than these words can show"

"Sammy absolutely loved everything in her basket! Definitely made her day!!!! Thank you! Here She is rockin her new coat from her comfort basket. It couldn't have come at a better time"

Rosemary Loves her new blanket


"Thank you, you guys are amazing! I love it. Thanks for all you do for us RSDers. Made a crappy day a little less crappy =-). I have been snuggled in the amazingly soft blanket all day and can't wait to put a new pair of socks on tomorrow!"